6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion will probably be beginning in Ende, center a part of the Flores island. This sort of excursion will take you to a few stunning places. Flores island has well known for its stunning panorama. The traditional village may also be another thrilling enchantment in this excursion. This excursion is organized for you to see pure nature and the traditional villages.

From the natural, you’ll see the gorgeous 3 color lake referred to as Kelimutu lake. You are going to see some truly traditional villages and be capable of practicing and reveling in native people’s lifestyles. Such fascinating villages are Bena Village, Saga Village, and some other traditional villages. This excursion will finish within the west a part of Flores that is named Labuan Bajo.

Itinerary | 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion:

Day 1. Ende – Moni village

  • Our representative will pick out you up at the airport of Ende.
  • Then we can proceed to Moni village and do a brief stop in Saga village which belongs to Lio ethnic group.
  • Then we will proceed with the drive to Moni village and check in to your selected hotel. The first day of 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion is done.

Day 2. Moni village – Bajawa

  • On your 2nd day of 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion, you are going to get started on your travel very early in the morning.
  • You’ll leave from the hotel at 04.30 to Kelimutu Lake. Kelimutu Lake is a magical place in accordance with local beliefs.
  • After enjoying the sunrise and the stunning view of the lakes, you are going to drive again to the hotel to take hold of your breakfast and proceed your drive to a traditional marketplace referred to as Ndua Ria.
  • A brief stop right here, then we will drive to Bajawa. Prior to checking into the hotel, you are going to make a brief stop in the bluestone seashore. The second day 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion is done.

Day 3. Bajawa – Ruteng

  • After breakfast at the hotel, you are going to depart to visit an outstanding traditional village of Bena to see Ngadhu and Bhaga as the emblem of Male and Feminine ancestors of the Ngadha tribe.
  • We then proceed to drive to Aimere village to see the traditional procedure of manufacturing local alcohol known as ‘arak”. That is a product of palm juice.
  • Then we proceed to the drive to Ruteng with a stop at Rana Mese lake or at some other spot to take a picture. We then check into the selected hotel.

Day 4. Ruteng – Labuan Bajo – Rinca island

  • You’ll depart to Labuan Bajo in the morning.
  • Earlier to arriving at Labuan Bajo, you’ll stop in Cancar village to witness the impressive view of the surrounding rice fields referred to as ‘spider web rice fields.
  • In a while, proceed the drive to Labuan Bajo harbor to catch a wood boat and depart to visit the Rinca island. Upon arrival to Rinca, you’ll get started on the trekking trip to see the wild existence, particularly the Komodo Dragon.
  • Lunch, Dinner, and Accommodation can be on the boat.

Day 5. Rinca island – Komodo island – Pink Beach – Labuan Bajo

  • The boat will cross to Komodo island early morning.
  • You’ll do any other trekking in Komodo Island to witness the large lizard referred to as ‘Komodo dragon’.
  • Then, take a boat to the pink seaside for snorkeling or swimming. We then sail again to Labuan Bajo and catch a switch to the selected hotel.

Day 6. Hotel – Check out for your next flight

  • Today is your final day of 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion. After taking breakfast at the hotel, you’ll leave to see the ‘mirror stone cave’.
  • Then you’ll be transferred to the airport. Thank you for trusting and have a safe flight home!

6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion


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