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Komodo Tour Package Indonesia

komodo tour package indonesia
Komodo Tour Package Indonesia Within the Komodo Tour Package Indonesia that we offer, we mention some gorgeous spots in Labuan Bajo.  These spots are your reference who will choose this tour package. Labuan Bajo is one of the super-premium tour destinations that are currently being encouraged by the central government. With the increase in the status of Labuan Bajo to a super-premium tour destination, it will be balanced also with the best facilities ever in Indonesia. The development of Labua...
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Whale Hunting Lamalera

whale hunting lamalera
Whale Hunting Lamalera Larantuka Whale Hunting Lamalera Larantuka. The fishing village in Lamalera, Lembata Island, East Nusa Tenggara, has been around for centuries. Along with their tradition of hunting whales May-November every year. This custom is thought to have originated in the 1500s, along with the establishment of the fishing village Lamalera at the southern tip of Lembata. It's customary for locals to wait for a whale to pass by and catch it, not hunt it down. They just caught sperm w...
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A Must Visit Wae Rebo village | The Land Above the Clouds in Flores

visit wae rebo village
Visit Wae Rebo village - Flores. When you explore the attractions in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara it feels incomplete if you do not visit the land above the clouds, namely Wae Rebo village. Wae Rebo village is part of the district of West Satarmese, West Manggarai regency, and becomes one of the tourist attractions that become the target of tourists when visiting Labuan Bajo. For those of you who are curious about Wae Rebo village, we will provide information for you about Wae...
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Flores Tour From Ende Maumere

flores tour from ende maumere
Flores tour from Ende Maumere is one of the most complete Flores and komodo combination tour packages in which the tour is started from Ende or Maumere. It's time to explore Flores and Komodo. Exploring Flores from Maumere to Labuan Bajo was an amazing experience. Witness the beauty of nature as well as the uniqueness of culture in eastern Indonesia. Interact with local people while getting to know local wisdom. Capturing the beauty of nature and cultural uniqueness through the lens is common. ...
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Flores Adventure Indonesia

flores adventure indonesia
Flores Adventure Indonesia. Flores has a beautiful nature that invites anyone to visit there and explore its beauty. Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara offers much unique nature that you can visit. Consisting of cities large and small. Some beautiful cities that you can visit in FLORES ADVENTURE INDONESIA. Labuan Bajo; Gateway to Komodo Island | Flores Adventure Indonesia A city on the western tip of Flores is a city that you must pass before entering Komodo Island. Komodo Island is one of t...
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Visit Melo Village

visit melo village
Visit Melo Village Labuan Bajo. Kampung Melo Labuan Bajo is one of the original areas that holds the attraction. The culture and atmosphere make this village one of the one-day visit nature and cultural packages. Here is some information related to Visit Melo Village including various uniqueness and attractiveness. 1. Reach Melo Village | Visit Melo Village Melo traditional village or Melo Village is a village not far from Labuan Bajo. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from the city cente...
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Visit Cunca Wulang Waterfall

visit cunca wulang waterfall
Visit Cunca Wulang Waterfall - Labuan Bajo. For those of you who like an adventure in nature, you must be ever heard of Cunca Wulang Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Flores looks like a hidden paradise that not many people know its existence. Moreover, the Flores area is famous for its natural wealth that is still very beautiful and also natural. In fact, not a few foreign tourists who pass by visit the destination of Cunca Wulang Waterfall. The majority of foreign tourists are attracte...
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Flores Tour Package Indonesia

flores tour package indonesia
Flores Tour Package Indonesia is a tour package by car. In this tour package, every night we will keep it in a different place, so the luggage will always be carried, except when heading to Waerebo because the items that aren't needed may also be stored within the car. The mileage of the Flores Tour Package Indonesia is reasonably far, so get ready good bodily and stamina. Most of those visited are cold areas, so please bring a jacket. The temperature in Waerebo is around 18 Levels. In Waerebo ...
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Komodo National Park Tours

komodo national park tours
About Komodo National Park Tours Komodo National Park Tours - Labuan Bajo - East Nusa Tenggara. The beauty of Komodo National Park which is located in East Nusa Tenggara, precisely between Sumbawa Island and Flores Island is indeed famous all over the world. Not only because that's where the largest and only lizard in the world lives called Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis), but also because the underwater world is very charming with a variety of fish and coral reefs are very rich. Komodo Na...
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Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo

Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo
About Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo is another option to do the tour from the hotel you are staying in Labuan Bajo. So the meeting point of this tour is your hotel in Labuan Bajo. Similar to the Komodo tour from Bali, the komodo tour from Labuan Bajo is not only pegged to 1 option as well as the facilities used during the tour suits your needs. On the Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo, we are able to pick you up in the morning before the tour starts. Therefore, your hot...
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