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The greatest of Komodo island

Komodo Island in Indonesia was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage in 1991. Then, in 2011, Komodo Island again received world recognition as one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

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Komodo Island, a world tourist spot in Indonesia

Information about Komodo Island may be new for some people. No wonder there are still many who find out where Komodo Island is located. There are even those who doubt that Komodo Island is in Indonesia.

Komodo Island is in the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Geographically, it is located in the east of Sumbawa Island. To be precise, Komodo Island is at 8.55°S 119.45°E. This island is located in the Komodo sub-district, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Komodo National Park

There are many national parks in Indonesia. One of them is Komodo National Park. Komodo Island and the surrounding islands were designated as Komodo National Park in 1980. And, Komodo National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia.

This national park is managed directly by the Komodo National Park Office, which is the implementing unit of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia. Within this area, there are three major islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island. Overall, the area of ​​this area is approximately 1817 km2.

The national park, which was established in 1980, has at least several functions. First, as a place for conservation and protection of the diverse animal and plant communities that exist in the area. Second, as a place to ensure the long-term survival of the giant Komodo dragon and the quality of its habitat. Third, as a place for educational and research activities. And fourth, as a place for the development of sustainable nature and diving tourism.

The History of Komodo Island, A World Tourist Spot

World tourist attractions Komodo Island is widely known mainly because of the ancient Komodo dragon. And, the name Komodo Island was given by the Dutch in 1910. This stems from a story about a large animal that resembles a dragon by Dutch troops. Lieutenant Steyn van Hens Broek brought documentation about the dragon’s existence to the Museum and Botanical Garden in Bogor for investigation.

Meanwhile, in local folklore, the ancient animal Komodo dragon is a human twin brother who was born from the marriage between the Dragon Princess and Moja. One of the twins looked like a lizard and they named him Orah. For children who are born normal, they are given the name Gerong.

Embarrassed, the two couples banished Orah into the forest. Orah then grew into a giant lizard. Once, Gerong was hunting and met the giant lizard. He wanted to kill him, but the Dragon Princess forbade him. Dragon Princess told that the big lizard was her own twin brother. So, since then the local people have treated the Komodo dragon as their own brother.

Life on Komodo Island

As in the folklore above, Komodo Island is not only a habitat for Komodo dragons. There are also local residents who maintain the wisdom of living brothers and sisters with Komodo dragons. The locals consider the Komodo dragons as family. They do not harm the Komodo dragon and coexist with the Komodo dragon.

Within the Komodo National Park area, there are four residential areas, namely:

  • Komodo
  • Rinca
  • Kerora and
  • Papagaran islands.

There are three villages in the area, namely:

  • Pasir Panjang Village (Rinca and Kerora villages)
  • Komodo Village (Komodo village), and
  • Papagarang village (Papagarang village).

These three villages are located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Komodo Dragons are Rare Animals

On Komodo Island, ancient Komodo dragons can live well. Although living side by side with the locals, the Komodo dragon is a wild animal. Therefore, during Komodo Island tours, always be alert and careful to see Komodo dragons from a close distance. To keep yourself safe, you must keep a safe distance from these ancient animals.

Komodo dragons are not only found on Komodo Island, but also on several surrounding islands, namely Rinca Island, Gili Motang, and Flores. Based on 2018 data, the number of Komodo dragons is around 2,872.

Komodo is the largest lizard species in the world with an average length of 2-3 meters and a body weight of at least 90 kg. The longest Komodo dragon ever recorded measures 3.12 meters and weighs 166 kg, and has 60 sharp teeth.

Male Komodo dragons are larger than female Komodo dragons. Then, the young dragons are more colorful with yellow, green and white on a black background. Meanwhile, male Komodo dragons are colored from dark gray to brick red. While the female Komodo dragon is more olive green in color and has a small yellow patch on its throat.

Komodo dragon mating season occurs in May and August. Komodo contains eggs for a month and the eggs will hatch within 7-8 months. A female Komodo dragon can lay up to 13 eggs.

Komodo dragon’s saliva is often mixed with a little blood because its teeth are almost completely covered with gingival tissue. This tissue is torn apart during chewing of food. His saliva contains the deadliest bacteria. The bacteria is Pasteurella Multocinta. If bitten, get medical attention immediately at the first opportunity.

The Beauty of Komodo Island

Komodo Island Boat Tours, visitors will not only see Komodo dragons but also various types of flora and fauna. Therefore, many tour packages offer trips of up to several days living on a boat to visit all the destinations in Komodo National Park.

When choosing a Komodo Island Boat Tour, visitors will be treated to various types of flora and fauna. There are about 277 other species living in the area. According to the researchers, the fauna that are now on Komodo Island and its surroundings come from Asia and Australia. Inside the Komodo National Park, there are at least 32 mammals, 128 birds and 37 reptiles. In addition, there are also 25 land animals and birds. Even this park is the heart of Asia Pacific coral reefs. There are about 253 species of coral reef-building and 1000 species of fish.

In addition to seeing ancient animals up close, Komodo National Park is also the best diving spot. There are 57 dive sites with Batu Bolong as the prima donna, while for snorkelling, Red Pink Beach is the main choice.

Komodo Island in the Eyes of the World

Komodo Island is the original habitat for ancient animals and at the same time the only one in the world. No wonder the international world protected him. Therefore, Komodo Island is a world heritage site. UNESCO named Komodo National Park as a world heritage in 1991.

In 2009 Komodo National Park became a finalist for the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Through online voting, Komodo National Park got the most votes. Finally, in 2011 Komodo National Park was designated as the New 7 Wonder of Nature. Thus, Komodo National Park is one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

Spots on Visiting Komodo Island are:

  • Kelor Island
  • Manjarite Snorkeling Spot
  • Strawberry Rock
  • Kalong Island Flying Fox Island
  • Rinca Village
  • Loh Buaya Rinca Island
  • Padar Island
  • Loh Liang Komodo Island
  • Pink Beach Padar Island
  • Pink Beach Komodo Island
  • Komodo Village
  • Manta Point
  • Takak Makassar/Makassar Reef
  • Batu Bolong Reef
  • Siaba Island
  • Sebayur Island
  • Kanawa Island
  • Sabolo Island