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Day Tours To Komodo

Day Tours To Komodo is the most popular daily boat trip into Komodo National Park. This day trip is available both from Labuan Bajo or from Bali. There will be 2 options for the boat when you are going with this tour; using a local wooden boat tour (the boat has no cabin) and using a speedboat. You can use a local wooden boat with a cabin if you are traveling with children so that you may take a rest in the cabin if you need to.

Destinations | Day Tours to Komodo

Komodo dreamland tour offers day tours to Padar, Komodo Island, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. Day tours to Komodo start early around 5:30 AM from Labuan Bajo. Komodo island is the island where to see Komodo dragons besides Rinca Island.

The first destination is Padar Island, a trip that takes 3 hours (Local wooden boat no cabin). Bear in mind that the boat engine sometimes sounds loud when you use this type of boat. Along the way, you can only be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding scenery. It feels like being in the Jurassic Park movie set.


The fact of Padar Island is one of the favorite destinations! Hiking to the top of Padar Island takes around 15 minutes. Hiking to Padar Island is not too heavy, compared to the previous condition which was no cement step ladder and today you will find it. The first stop of the Day Tour To Komodo has just finished.


Until on the island of Komodo, we are gathered to meet with the ranger. Paying for the tickets. Briefing briefly, chooses the 3 options trekking ( short: 45”-1 hour, medium: 1-1,5 hours, long: 2 hours) then we will start trekking. July is the season for Komodo to have matting. Komodo is more difficult to find this month. They are on the mountain a lot or in hidden areas. Sometimes you find only 1 or 2 Komodo. The second stop of Day Tour To Komodo has just finished.


The third stop is Pink Beach! Arriving near Pink Beach, the boat stops for snorkeling. Pink Beach is really good for swimming ‘pretty’ for those who are not good at swimming. The water is clear, the waves are not too big. The third stop of the Day Tour To Komodo has just finished.


Finish from Pink Beach, the boat moves towards Manta Point, a place where manta rays usually gather. If you are lucky, you will find them gather around. Manta Point is the last destination for island-hopping that day. The return trip will be spent around 2.5 hours. We will arrive again in Labuan Bajo port around 6 pm. The fourth stop of Day Tour To Komodo has just finished.

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