Explore Flores Island, a Paradise from the East. All stories of beauty, starting from somewhere. And every step in Flores is a different experience. Komodo Dreamland Tour invites adventurers to explore the Flores area. For adventurers and visitors who get the opportunity to vacation immediately, Flores is a choice of tourist attractions that should be on the first list among thousands of other interesting tourist attractions scattered throughout the country.

With its beauty and natural peace, it is no exaggeration if S.M Cabot named the island in the Sunda Kecil Island cluster alongside Bali and NTB under the name Flores. Flores where in Portuguese Flores means “flower”. This island is like a flower that does not need cosmetics to look beautiful.

In addition to the stunning landscape of natural beauty of the soul, Flores has established himself as one of the important parts of the republic’s founding journey.  Precisely in Ende City for approximately 4 years (January 14, 1934 – October 18, 1938) Sukarno was exiled by the Dutch Hinda Government.

During the process of exile in the largest city in Flores Island, It is said that Sukarno gained inspiration about Pancasila starting from his reflection under the Sukun Tree. So no doubt, Ende city became known as the city of the birth of Pancasila.

Here are some things you can do when exploring Flores Island

Soekarno Exile House | Explore Flores Island

Traveling to Flores Island in addition to being pampered with the charm of nature is so beautiful, we can also enjoy the historical tour of the founding of Indonesia. Bung Karno’s exile house while in Ende City we can find still standing firmly on Jalan Perwira. Not far from the place, precisely in Rukun Lima Village, we will see a statue of Bung Karno who is seen sitting pensively under a Sukun tree overlooking the Sea.

The statue where Bung Karno sits is known as Pancasila square. Being in the area ranging from the house of exile to the field of Pancasila seems to lead us to see clearly the persistence of the founders of the nation fighting for the ideals of national independence.

Kelimutu Lake | Explore Flores Island

Satisfied nostalgic with the history of the struggle of the nation, we can move to natural attractions precisely in Lake Kelimutu. The lake located in Pemo Village, Kelimutu Subdistrict, Ende Regency is very famous by the name of the three-color lake because it has three different colors that are always changing at a certain time.

Over time, the color of the lake is always changing. In 1992, the beauty of Kelimutu Lake was immortalized in rp.5000 denomination. In addition to the Lake, in the place that is still in the Kelimutu mountain area, we can also enjoy other natural beauty and historical myths that follow and have developed in the community.

Komodo Island | Explore Flores Island

The next must-visit place is Komodo Island. Many people certainly already know the charm of this tourist attraction. Besides being a nature reserve that is part of Komodo National Park, this place is also recorded as one of the wonders of the world that is dear to be missed.

On this island, komodo dragon life is really noticed. Although it looks quite calm, tourists are expected to remain vigilant because Komodo dragons are animals whose saliva is very dangerous because it contains many highly toxic bacteria.

Labuhan Bajo | Explore Flores Island

For visitors who like to dive, Labuhan Bajo is a destination that should not be missed. As the entrance of Komodo National Park and one of the accesses to Flores, Labuhan Bajo offers an amazing underwater attraction. Travelers can also look forward to setting the sun from the outskirts of Labuhan Bajo, a very impressive exoticism.

Currently, the Government is structuring Labuhan Bajo in an effort to develop into one of the super-premium tourist attractions. Facilities improvement projects, as well as facilities and infrastructure owned by Labuhan Bajo, continue to be improved so that tourists feel comfortable spending time in this place.

Wae Rebo Village | Explore Flores Island

Not finished exploring the beauty and exoticism of Flores nature, we will be spoiled by the presence of several tourist villages that invite admiration. Precisely in Satarmese Barat Subdistrict, Manggarai Regency, we can see Wae Rebo, a traditional village that is so exotic. The location is secluded and isolated because it is behind the forest, adding exoticism and giving its own attraction when we visit this village.

In this village, tourists have the opportunity to see the authenticity of Manggarai housing and enjoy the daily life of the local community. See some traditional ceremonies as well as the way the community interacts socially. Its location at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level often called Wae Rebo as “The Land above the clouds”.

Tourists who want to continue their exploration to the Beach, Pink Beach, Koka Beach, and Nanga Penda Beach can be a must-try alternative option. The different characteristics of each beach will provide their own memories for visitors who are spending time in Flores. Besides being dominated by beautiful islands and beaches, Flores also offers some other attractions that are quite beautiful.

Cunca Rami Waterfall, Liang Bua Cave, and Sano Nggoang Lake are some of these attractions. The charm and beauty of nature will provide another adventure for the connoisseur. For those of you who like to shop, Flores woven fabrics will be a very interesting choice of handicrafts, in addition to some by – by others in the form of honey, food, and coffee options.

In addition to the attractions that have been written above, there are many other attractions that are quite interesting and worth exploring during the holiday in Flores. This island is indeed an ideal place to hide from modern civility, forget for a moment the hustle and bustle of the city with all kinds of problems and see the greatness of God from different perspectives and angles. So it is no wonder that the Portuguese named this place Flores which means flower and not excessive if we call it a paradise from the East.


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