Explore Komodo Island Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the archipelago. Both domestic and foreign visitors flock to enjoy its beauty. This is not a surprise, because Labuan Bajo can be said to be an all-in-one destination for visitors who has an interest in adventure. Located in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT), this destination has beautiful islands to explore. Beautiful beaches, a diversity of flora and fauna offer a variety of tourist experiences such as diving cruising, and boating.

Explore Komodo Island

The attraction makes visitors to Labuan Bajo continue to increase. The government also made Labuan Bajo a destination that is not only super-priority but super-premium. A number of supporting infrastructures to support Labuan Bajo as a super premium destination is being established. Visitors who yearn for adventure due to delayed tourist activities for approximately one year may look at a glance at Labuan Bajo as a destination.

Here are some activities that can be done while on an adventure Komodo Island Labuan Bajo.

Live Onboard and Island Hopping | Explore Komodo Island

Komodo National park consists of several islands, namely Rinca, Padar Island, Moyo Island, Kanawa Island, and Kelor Island. Visitors could explore these five islands with a live onboard tour. Visitors stay in a boat for more than 2-5 days to stop by from one island to another (island hopping). During the trip, visitors will be invited to reach the diving spots and enjoy the view from the boat. During LoB, visitors may visit all the islands. The duration depends on the choice of tours.

Trekking in Padar Island

Padar Island is one of the iconic photo spots that are quite popular in cyberspace. Not only has a large land, the view of the island that curves and explores the Flores Sea in blue and Tosca, so special. The top of the hill is one of the photo destinations as well as trekking tracks that are worth trying. Visitors may walk more than 1,000 wall steps on the beach with a slope of 45 degrees. Uniquely, this steep enough track has no safety ropes or barriers. This means that visitors need to be more focused and observant when climbing these stairs.

Along the way up the stairs, quite a lot of visitors often stop for a moment to capture the beach landscape that is clearly visible from a distance, especially when the steep rocks begin to be seen. The view of the two sides of the beach begins to be clearly seen its beauty. The stairs don’t end at the top of the hill. When reaching the top,  visitors still have to walk through sandy and rocky streets. But the fatigue will pay off because visitors can immediately enjoy the beauty of 3 beaches at once.

To reach the top of the hill, it takes at least 15 minutes in total. For a more maximum trekking experience in Padar Island, choose the morning or evening time. In addition to the more beautiful scenery, the sun also tends to be shadier so the risk of fatigue and dehydration is less.

Visit the Legendary Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island

Being an ancient dragon paradise, Komodo Island became one of the conservation centers of Komodo Island National Park. Visitors may see the daily activities of komodo dragons and enjoy the beauty of nature from a distance. When you reach the island, visitors will be greeted with a gate that reads  KOMODO NATIONAL PARK. A ranger or guide will accompany the visitors so as not to be targeted or safe from aggressive Komodo dragons.

While in this area, visitors not only see Komodo dragons, but also a variety of rare flora. If you’re lucky, you can also see the male Komodo dragon’s fight from a distance when the mating season arrives. Continuing the journey from Komodo Island, visitors can visit Pink Beach which is on the other side of the national park entrance. The beach is approximately a 30-minute boat ride away. Snorkeling is a must-do here.

Diving with Manta Rays

Sailing about 45 minutes from Pink Beach, visitors can find Manta Point. visitors may swim with manta rays – the world’s largest species of a stingray – at this location. The width of the body of manta rays can reach 2-3 meters. In addition, there is also a spot to see jellyfish colonies that become the food ingredients of manta every day. visitors can see the colony from under the boat as well as snorkeling.

To visit Manta Point, visitors need to come in the morning before 12 o’clock. The sea current at Manta Point is big enough that it’s good to prepare physically and mentally if you want to snorkel at this location. Some of the preparations that can be brought include gas cylinders, swimwear or diving, fins, masks, and buoys.

Relax at Taka Makassar

Around various unique islands, it is not complete if you have not visited Taka Makassar. This mini island has unique scenery because its island is covered with white sand. During high tide, the island almost has no beach seen as the shallow water flow around the island. While in the low tide, the island will turn white with clear shallow water. Taka Makassar is also one of the favorite destinations to enjoy the stunning view around the island.

Visitors can swim, snorkel, sit back and relax on the white sandy beach to see the atmosphere of the island as well as boats with visitors swimming with manta rays in front of Taka Makassar. Those are a series of activities that can be done around Komodo island. While visitors are expected to continue to do wise tours in order to maintain the sustainability of conservation in Komodo National Park. Visitors are expected not to litter, obey the regulations made by the government, and do not damage the coral reefs around the beach.

In addition, traveling in the middle of a pandemic still needs to implement various health protocols. One of them is the application of health protocols using masks, maintaining a safe distance, and washing hands. Stay apply the principles of Clean, Health, Safety, Environment or CHSE.

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