Flores Adventure Indonesia. Flores has a beautiful nature that invites anyone to visit there and explore its beauty. Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara offers much unique nature that you can visit. Consisting of cities large and small.

Some beautiful cities that you can visit in FLORES ADVENTURE INDONESIA.

Labuan Bajo; Gateway to Komodo Island | Flores Adventure Indonesia

A city on the western tip of Flores is a city that you must pass before entering Komodo Island. Komodo Island is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Therefore, before exploring other cities in Flores, there is no harm if you start your exploration from Labuan Bajo.

Ruteng; Spider’s Nest-Shaped Rice Fields – Flores

Want to visit one of Flores’s unique destinations? You can visit Ruteng which is located in the western part of Flores. This small town has a spider web rice field! You can rest for a while here while enjoying this unique view.

The village above the clouds, Wae Rebo Traditional Village – Flores Island

Once visiting Ruteng is done, you can continue the journey to the fairyland village because it is located above the clouds or the height called Wae Rebo village. The journey to Wae Rebo requires extra energy. But your efforts will pay off with stunning views around you.

Riung 17 Island – Flores

Struggling up the mountain to Wae Rebo village, you should take a break on the coast. You can visit Riung 17 Island in Kabujadi, Flores. There you can swim in the sea, snorkeling, also island hoping. With your trusted travel agent, You can visit this island on a boat so you can enjoy exploring this beautiful beach all day long!

Bajawa; Cold-weather villages in Flores – Flores

Playing on the coast of Riung 17 Island you can continue your journey through the hills to get to your next destination, Bajawa. Bajawa is one of the small towns in Flores that has a cold.

You can enjoy the cool air, peaceful city, and the city is filled with beautiful flowers, around Bejawa there are also several traditional villages that you can visit such as Gurusina Village and Bena Village. Bajawa is also known for its hot spring eater called So’A hot spring. This is a natural hot spring located in So’a village.

Ende; An Inspiring Place for Mr. President Soekarno – Flores

Ende was the place of exile of Indonesia’s first esteemed president, Mr. Sukarno. During his time here he came up with the idea to trigger Pancasila. The calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery make anyone amazed. Even our presidents get great inspiration that contributes to the survival of our nation in this place. In addition to using a car, you can also use motorcycles, travel vehicles, or public vehicles that run in the same direction. Flores is worth one of your holiday lists to explore because of its beautiful place!

Don’t forget to keep it clean when you visit there. Prepare your holiday plans by getting some recommended itineraries from your trusted tour operator. Accommodation is also one of the things that need to be prepared well during the holidays.

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