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Best of Flores Island Indonesia

Flores Island Indonesia. People out there may be asking where Flores island is? Flores island is one of the Indonesian islands located within East Nusa Tenggara province. Etymologically, Flores island is derived from the Portuguese language specifically “Cabo das Flores” which literally means flower island.

flores island indonesia

Flores Island Indonesia is probably not well-known in Indonesia not like Bali and Lombok Island. Most people know Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island better. While Labuan Bajo is a part of Flores Island and Komodo Island is part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. However, there are if truth be told many privileges behind the names of Flores. You’ll be able to see many volcanic mountains on Flores island that make this island very fertile. Flores additionally presents a gorgeous underwater world and nearly untouched by human activities.

This island will always provide you with wonderful things about nature and culture through the warmth and hospitality owned by its people. On this island is a three-color lake located or referred to as Kelimutu Lake. Kelimutu Lake is an icon of Flores island. That is the primary enchantment that makes many visitors come to visit Flores island and you’ll never discover it anywhere else. The gorgeous valley you’ll come upon while you visit the town of Ruteng.

It is not yet known by everyone that Flores is an island where you’ll find the legendary komodo dragon that is a natural heritage of the world. For those of you who love to chill out at the seashore, Flores provides an excessively stunning and great seashore simply at the north of the town of Maumere Flores island, dealing with the island of pigs. Flores island additionally provides an excessively stunning view under the sea situated alongside the north coast of Flores island.

Various tribes and religions make Flores island Indonesia a suitable place to discover ways to tolerate and tradition. Traditional houses you’ll be found in each and every district on the island of Flores. The mountains provide stunning scenery, huge rice paddies, and Savanah which might be still freely inhabited by animals.

One of the most hereditary traditions of Flores’s ancestors is weaving. Weaving is one of the well-known products in Flores. Weaving is also a product of songket material made manually by hand. That is what makes songket material very strong, patterned, original, unique and so special.

Flores Island Indonesia – East Nusa Tenggara.

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