Flores tour from Ende Maumere is one of the most complete Flores and komodo combination tour packages in which the tour is started from Ende or Maumere. It’s time to explore Flores and Komodo.

Exploring Flores from Maumere to Labuan Bajo was an amazing experience. Witness the beauty of nature as well as the uniqueness of culture in eastern Indonesia. Interact with local people while getting to know local wisdom. Capturing the beauty of nature and cultural uniqueness through the lens is common. But recording facial expressions in each place is a challenge. It takes a lot of patience to interact with photo objects.

Things you can enjoy on the Flores tour from Ende Maumere.

The Journey began | Flores Tour From Ende Maumere

Started the journey from Frans Seda Airport, Maumere, or the airport of Ende. The first destination, a tourist attraction that is not usual for domestic tourists, Murusobe waterfall. In the morning greet the local wisdom of the Situmage market before stepping towards Murusobe waterfall.

See the natural wonders of Kelimutu Tricolor Lake.

You have to spend the night in Moni village which is the nearest village before visiting Kelimutu lake. Objects that exist during activities such as the traditional village of Wologae and the greenstone beach in Ende. Witnessing Wologai village prepare for the appointment of Mosolaki (customary elder) and Gawi annual party. In the afternoon you can play on the beach with the children of stone hunters on the greenstone beach, Ende.

Witness the beauty of 17 Riung Marine Park on the north coast of Flores.

Hopping from island to island to dive the ocean floor. Then spend the night in the cool-air city of Bajawa before being thrown into the Megalithic era, Kampung Bena. Watching the mamas spinning cotton into yarn and weaving it into beautiful fabrics.

Ruteng – Wae Rebo village above the clouds – Invites you to know the history of Liang Bua where fossils of Homo Florensius were found, hobit.

Before visiting Dintor stop for a moment in the rice fields in the form of a spider’s nest in Cancar. Seeing the uniqueness of the culture that relies on local wisdom, the division of rice fields together. Away from the comfortable zone, it becomes the art of a journey. Climbing a steep hill for 3 full hours is a price to be able to see Wae Rebo. The village behind the hill received the highest award from UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards 2012. Award of Excellence in the field of preservation of cultural tourism.

Labuan Bajo |Flores Tour From Ende Maumere.

Labuan Bajo becomes the last city but your exploration still continues you will explore the beauty of Komodo National Park starting such as Takak Makasar, Pink Beach, Kalong Island, Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and Manta Point. Feel the sensation of staying overnight on a boat in front of Tepa island.

Hopefully, it can be helpful for those of you who want to explore Flores. Don’t forget to contact a trusted tour operator who can help realize your dream of visiting Flores.

Flores tour from Ende Maumere


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