Flores Tour Package Indonesia is a tour package by car. In this tour package, every night we will keep it in a different place, so the luggage will always be carried, except when heading to Waerebo because the items that aren’t needed may also be stored within the car.
The mileage of the Flores Tour Package Indonesia is reasonably far, so get ready good bodily and stamina. Most of those visited are cold areas, so please bring a jacket. The temperature in Waerebo is around 18 Levels. In Waerebo there may be already electricity (generator) and public bathrooms.

Places to Visit | Flores Tour Package Indonesia

Flores is a gorgeous and amazing big island. Few other people know that the island’s real name is Nusa Nipa (Snake Island). Situated in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Flores is a 14,300 km² long island and holds the world’s very best secrets, waiting for anyone to come and discover it. Portuguese began the mention of Flores, specifically from the phrase Cabo de Flores which means that Tanjung Bunga. The naming of Flores has existed for four centuries, even therefore the Dutch East Indies Government was reluctant to modify it and live on to this present day.

The volcanoes in a row stretching across the 450 km island create hills that shape the letter V. Hovering the ground floor sharply shows off the splendor of the hills and the foothills where there dwell various tribal groups (ama). The cultural heritage of the tribal stone age in Flores will astonish any person who comes.

Currently, many tourists only know Labuan Bajo, then ended in a visit to Komodo Island, Rinca, and Padar. In fact, if you end up presenting wonders in Komodo National Park, it has been waiting within the eastern part of its splendor and the awesome beauty of Flores. It is not dry and barren land but extremely green hills, mountains, and valleys.

Flores Tour Packages Indonesia presents a number of sights that never run out. You’ll be able to swim within the transparent blue ocean or in unspoiled lakes and waterfalls, dive at some of the 50 impressive underwater spots, kayaking between mangrove seashores and rugged cliffs. On land, you’ll discover mysterious caves and be warmly welcomed by the local community through ritual ceremonies. The culture and hospitality are enough to immerse the deep effect and memories to be told after the return.

Well, if that is not enough then you can break through the wilderness of trees and steep hills to see firsthand the life of indigenous peoples from the stone age. Traditional villages in Flores will continue to survive the scourge of the times that can divorce the values of ancestors. Here fostered local wisdom from traditional houses, how to weave, concocting food, to the family customary system that is highly respected. It is all tied up on the basis of the similarity of residence or village.

Flores Island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, even the sand is pink. Under its sea, you will find the most exotic underwater life in the world. Dive into it will take you to meet great manta rays, dolphins, and mermaids. For a certain time, whales can be seen while migrating through the east coast of Flores.

Flores Island has been untouched for centuries, once inhabited by prehistoric humans and animals that now leave a fossilized trail. Later, Flores has become the center of the world’s attention with the discovery of hobbit Flores or Homo Floresiensis, a prehistoric human species found in Liang Bua Cave.

Areas to Visit | Flores Tour Package Indonesia

  • Here are some areas to visit, and the region selected based on the best time and spots in Flores:
    Waerebo Traditional Village
  • Bajawa
  • Bena Traditional Village Bajawa
  • BlueStone Beach
  • Ende
  • Moni
  • Kelimutu, and
  • Maumere.

List of Tour Package | Flores Tour Package Indonesia

For those of you who want to be Flores Tour Package Indonesia, here is a list of tour packages that we present. You can choose as you want and you can also ask directly to our team.

    • Flores Tour Package 9 Days – START FROM ENDE
    • Komodo Flores Tour 10 Days – START FROM KOMODO ISLAND
    • 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion
    • 7 Days Flores Adventure Tour
    • Wae Rebo Tour 3 Days
    • Flores Overland Tour 4 Days – FROM ENDE TO BAJO
    • 2 Days Visit Wae Rebo
    • 5 Days Wae Rebo and Kelimutu Tour
    • One Day Visit Nature and Cultural


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