Flores Tour Package 9 Days – Flores tours is one of the most completed tours we offer on Flores Island where you can see the entire tourist destination ranging from Ende to Labuan Bajo West of Flores. Those destinations are Kelimutu lake, traditional villages as well as a marine gardens.

Itinerary | Flores Tour Package 9 Days

DAY 1. Airport Pick Up – Wogo Village – Moni Village – Hotel Overnight

First of all, the guide from our team will pick you up at the airport of Ende begins your tour to Moni village. The place that you are going to visit is Wologai village, one of the traditional villages that belong to the Lio Tribe. In this village, how the locals and their tradition become a part of their daily life. After visiting the village, continue your tour to Moni village.

Moni village is the nearest and is the village where the visitors make a stop to do hotel overnight while waiting for the next morning on trekking to the top of Keli Mutu lake. Upon arrival at the village, you will directly heading to your hotel for dinner and overnight. The first day of the Flores tour package has just finished.

DAY 2. Kelimutu lake – Nduaria Traditional market – Blue Stone Beach – Riung 17 Island – Hotel Overnight

Today’s places you are going to visit on the Flores tour package are Kelimutu Lake, Ndua Ria traditional market, Blue Stone beach, and Riung 17 islands. Soon after finishing and check out from the hotel, you will start your tour activity by waking up at around 4 am and driving directly to the parking area of ​​ the lake. Right from the parking area, you will do soft trekking to the top of the lake for approximately 15 minutes.

Whenever you are on the top of the lake, you will witness the magical view presented by the nature. There are 3 lakes and are always changing according to the natural conditions around. After that, you will return to the hotel via the same path.

As soon as breakfast, you will continue your tour to Bajawa. On the way, you will stop by a traditional market called Ndua Ria. In this market, you will see local people selling a variety of local fruits and vegetables. The journey then proceeds to Blue Stone Beach. Giving such a name,  because along this coast will see a stretch of beach covered by blue and green.

You will have lunch on this beach while enjoying the atmosphere and the waves that hit the flakes of colored stones. Riung the 17 Island is waiting for you. Therefore, when lunch is over, you will drive to Riung and directly check in to the hotel for dinner and stay overnight. Today’s Flores tour package is over.

DAY 3. Full day Activity at Riung 17 Island

Today’s activity is a full-day activity on Riung Island. After breakfast at the hotel, you will go to the dock and sail to Pulau kalong. On this island, you enjoy thousands of flying fox fruit-eating hanging over the mangrove trees. Then continue the cruise to Bako / Tembang where you can snorkel, bathe and relax on the beach.

After snorkeling and other activities are completed, proceed to Pulau Tiga. On this island, you will snorkel again while waiting for BBQ as the lunch menu. As a result of today’s activities, sail back to the dock and heading to the hotel for dinner and overnight. Flores tour package has just finished.

Day 4. Riung 17 Island  So’a Hot Spring – Wogo Village – Bajawa – Hotel Overnight

Today’s activities are visiting Riung, So’a hot spring, Wogo Village, Bajawa. As soon as Breakfast at the hotel, driving to Bajawa & stop at So’a hot spring to take a bath at your pleasure. Then Visit Wogo traditional Village. Check in to your hotel for dinner and overnight. The fourth day of the Flores tour package is over.

Day 5. Bajawa Countryside Tour

All you have to do on today’s activities is Bajawa countryside tour. In this activity, you will visit and explore the original villages such as Luba and Bena traditional village of Ngada tribe, Gurusina traditional village, and Manage hot spring as the last spot. Then back to the hotel for overnight.

Day 6. Bajawa – Aimere Village – Borong – Ruteng – Hotel Overnight

9 days Flores tour package starts by having breakfast at the hotel. Then drive to Aimere village to see the local process alcoholic drinks from palm wine. Proceed the journey to Borong Village (capital of East Manggarai Regency) then stop briefly at Lake Ranamese to see while taking pictures. Drive to Ruteng (capital of Central Manggarai Regency) to check in to your Hotel. As soon as checking in hotel, driving, and visiting Liang Bua hobit cave. Visit Kilo Lima in the amazing rice fields and back to the hotel.

Day 7. Ruteng – Lodok Cancar (spider web rice field) – Denge village – Wae Rebo

Breakfast will be at the hotel. Heading to cancer to see Look the huge round rice fields that look like a giant spider web. As time goes by, continue to Denge Village (the last village before reaching Wae Rebo Village and having lunch there. Start trekking up for approx. 3 hours to reach the village. To sum up, dinner and overnight will be in Wae Rebo Village.

Day 8. Wae Rebo Village – Denge Village – Labuan Bajo

Welcome the day by simple breakfast in Wae Rebo Village. Enjoying the surroundings of  Wae Rebo Village by interacting with the local people and learn about their way of life and their unique culture before leaving the Village. Trekking down back to the Denge Village where the car is waiting for you. Heading back to Labuan Bajo. Stop awhile at Lembor Village to see the rice fields along the way. Lunch will be on the way. Check-in at your hotel in Labuan Bajo for overnight and dinner. So, day 8 of the Flores tour package has just finished.

Day 9. Hotel – Airport

Today is your last day in Labuan Bajo. Your guide will come to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the airport of Labuan Bajo. Finally, Flores Tour Package 9 Days ends. Thank you for trusting Komodo – Flores Dreamland to organize your trip.

Flores Tour Package 9 Days


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