The Indonesian best travel destinations are countless. Almost all regions of Indonesia have unique tourism potential and are typical of each other. The best tourist destinations in Indonesia become the destination of many tourists both local and international.

indonesian best travel destinationsSome of the Indonesian best destinations have even gone global and become holiday destinations for international visitors. Some people must agree that Bali is the best tourist destination in Indonesia that is so global. However, the Indonesian best destinations are not only Bali.

How far have you explored tourist attractions in Indonesia?. From Sabang to Merauke, tourist attractions in Indonesia are like a carpet with extraordinary natural beauty. From the richness of underwater nature to the mountainous clusters, Indonesia is the champion.

Like the beach? Indonesia has a row of never-ending beaches to explore. Like mountains? Indonesia has a list of mountains waiting for you to climb. Not only is its abundant natural wealth, but the culture in Indonesia is also very diverse.

Each region has a distinctive culture that makes the country more colorful. Do you still doubt the country’s wealth?. One of the best tourist destinations that you must visit in the holidays is KOMODO NATIONAL PARK on the island of Komodo.

Indonesian best travel destinations

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