Komodo boat trip 1 Day is the shortest among the Boat Tours in Komodo. This tour can be done by the visitors who have very limited time in Labuan Bajo. However, this tour is also for the budget traveler and mostly they take part in a group tour.

komodo boat trip 1 day

How to Do a Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day?

You can do this tour both from Bali and from Labuan Bajo. If you are doing this tour from Bali, the meeting point is Komodo airport where we will pick you up there. But if you are staying in Labuan Bajo, then the hotel is the meeting point. As what we most recommend, staying at hotel in Labuan Bajo is the best way to start one day trip, so we will start the tour from Labuan Bajo in the morning.

Meeting Point (Pick up and drop off location) in Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day

Meeting point or pick up location in Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day Day is Komodo airport on your arrival day, hotel, or directly start your tour after finishing your land trip/road trip on Flores Island. After finishing this tour, you will be transferred to the airport, hotel, or directly start your land tour/car trip to explore Flores Island. If you are arriving from Bali, please kindly take the earliest flight from Bali so we can start the tour from 9.30 AM or 10 AM.

Boat types in Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day

There are some boat types used in Komodo Boat Trip 1 One Day. The boats are speedboat/fast boat, open deck wooden boat (a wooden boat has no cabin), standard boat, Superior boat, deluxe and Luxury Boat. These boats have their own specification based on your time and number of participants. If you have a very short time in Labuan Bajo, then you can do this tour on a fast boat.

Fast boat has various sizes from a minimum of 4 people to 50 people (big group). If you are going to sail in a day and you are not rushed by the time, then you can take the wooden boat from an open deck boat to a luxury pinisi boat.

Itinerary/destination in Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day.

This tour offers 6 fantastic destinations around Komodo National Park.

  • The first destination is mostly Padar island. Padar island is a dream for every visitor. This island offers a stunning sunrise and sunset from the top of the island.
  • The second destination is the Pink Beach where you can relax on a pure pink sand beach.
  • The third is Komodo island is the main reason for most visitors, it’s time for you to visit the island. Komodo Island (Trekking on land to see the dragons – trekking duration: 1 hour, 1,5 hours and 2 hours)
  • The third is Taka Makassar is another fantastic spot. It is a very small tiny island covered by white sand. You can relax, swimming, etc on this spot.
  • Next, Manta Point is a spot for you to enjoy and swim with manta. This chance is depending on your luck. Sometimes you will find no manta around and sometimes you find a huge group of Manta.
  • Kanawa Island is the last destination in Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day. Use your time best on this last post, take many activities as possible before finally, you leave your footprint on the island.

To book Komodo boat trip, you may directly contact Komodo Dreamland Tour as one of the trusted and experienced Local Tour Operator In Flores and Komodo Island. We would be ready to share what you need for the Komodo Boat Trip.

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