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Best Komodo Island Boat Tour

KOMODO ISLAND BOAT TOUR  by Komodo Dreamland is the Indonesian best travel destination to explore Komodo Flores Island via Komodo tours and Flores tour package. Flores and Komodo Island Boat Tours are expedition tours that take you through Flores and Komodo Island in general. We value your hopes and dreams, so we prioritize listening to your thoughts and recommendations while creating a customized itinerary for your dream vacation.

We can only offer tours that we have already seen. Our local travel experts not only live and work in Flores but have also traveled widely across the country. We’re on the ground and keeping tabs on the most recent trends, which we will then build into our itineraries. Komodo Dreamland Tour is small enough to provide you customized service while still being large enough to deliver you affordable pricing.

We at Komodo Dreamland are all unified by our love and passion for the place, its wildlife, ecosystems, people, and cultures, whether we were born here or made Komodo and Flores our home away from home. “A love we long to share with you”, We are on TripAdvisor. Check out our TripAdvisor reviews.

Tours by boat is a private boat tour for those who wish to take a private boat trip to visit Komodo National Park.

The boat that takes you to Komodo National Park has a range of specifications, ranging from basic to luxurious. Some boat types we provide are Open Deck/Non-Cabin Boat, Cabin Boat with AC or Non-AC, Speedboat, and Luxury Pinisi Wooden Boat. The majority of the boat tours that we have used on our tours are Cabin Boats, with the choice of either AC Cabin Boat or Non-AC Cabin Boat.

We do not recommend that you use a non-cabin boat for your convenience, safety, or privacy. Simply let us know what kind of boat best suits your needs, and we will have a quote based on your specifications. Our guided private Komodo Island Boat Tour is also planned for those who enjoy the independence of a self-guided tour to Komodo Island. On this tour, you, your family or friend, and our team will be the only ones on the voyage. There will be no other passengers on the cruise with you.

Our Komodo Island Boat Tours are diverse, varying from one day to four days, with overnight and regular tours available. We also organize Komodo Island Shore Tours, which are specifically designed for cruise ship passengers visiting Komodo Island’s Port of Call. For those who wish to visit both Flores and Komodo Island, the Komodo Flores Tour Package is a mix of private land tours (Car Trip) and Komodo Island Boat Tour.


Komodo Dreamland Tour is a Flores-based travel agency that specializes in Flores and Komodo Island boat tours. It was established in 2014. DREAMLAND is Komodo Dreamland Tour’s only symbol, and it is where our company’s history started. Our local license number is 503/KPPTSP/712/SITU/IV/2016, and our company registration number is 75.574.865.4-924.000 is the tax registration number.

Our Komodo Island Boat Tours services have two packages: a Komodo Island Tour Package and a Flores Island Tour Package. Komodo Island Shore Tours from a Cruise Ship are among the other facilities available. Both of them include all regions of Flores and Komodo Island, with more than 15 destinations. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions about Flores or Komodo Island. We will be able to help you determine what to do on your vacation by making recommendations and including more background information.


Indonesia’s best travel destinations are numerous. Can you like going to the beach? There are endless beaches to visit in Indonesia. If you like mountains? There is a range of mountains in Indonesia that you can ascend. Indonesia’s history is complex, in addition to its rich natural resources. Almost every area has its own tourism opportunities and is distinct from the others. Many domestic and foreign visitors flock to Indonesia’s most popular tourism destinations.

From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia’s tourist attractions are like a carpet of breathtaking natural elegance. Indonesia is the champion of every category, from marine biodiversity to mountainous clusters. People today must acknowledge that the best travel destinations in Indonesia are not limited to Bali. Each territory has its own distinct culture, which adds to the country’s diversity. KOMODO NATIONAL PARK on the island of Komodo is one of the travel destinations to visit during your vacation.


Explore the island of Komodo, Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is one of the archipelago’s most popular tourist destinations. Both domestic and international tourists flock to the area to take in its splendor. This is not surprising, given that Labuan Bajo can be described as an all-in-one destination for adventure seekers. This destination, which is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT), has lovely islands to visit. Diverse tourism opportunities such as swimming, cruising, and boating are available thanks to the beautiful beaches and diverse flora and fauna.

Here are some options to do when on a Komodo Island adventure in Labuan Bajo.

Island hopping and living onboard
Rinca, Padar Island, Moyo Island, Kanawa Island, and Kelor Island are among the islands that make up Komodo National Park. A live onboard tour of these five islands is available for visitors. Visitors remain on a cruise for more than two to five days to travel from one island to the next (island hopping). Visitors will be invited to enter the diving spots and admire the view from the boat throughout the journey. Visitors will visit any of the islands during LoB. The length of the tour is determined by the tours chosen.

Padar Island Trekking – The Paradise of Stunning 3 Colors Seashore
Padar Island is one of the most well-known picture spots on the internet. Not only does the island have a huge land area, but the view of the island as it bends and explores the blue Flores Sea and Tosca is truly unique. The top of the hill is a famous picture location, as well as a trekking trail worth exploring. On the beach with a 45-degree angle, visitors can walk over 1,000 wall stairs. This track is unique in that it has no safety ropes or walls. As a result, tourists must be more concentrated and vigilant when ascending these stairs.

Visit the Legendary Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island
Komodo Island is one of the conservation sites of Komodo Island National Park as an ancient dragon paradise. Visitors will observe the everyday lives of Komodo dragons and admire the natural beauty from afar. Visitors will be welcomed by a gate that reads KOMODO NATIONAL PARK as they arrive on the island. Visitors will be accompanied by a ranger or guide in order to avoid being targeted by aggressive Komodo dragons.

Manta Ray Scuba Diving

Manta Point can be reached by sailing 45 minutes from Pink Beach. At this spot, visitors can swim with manta rays, the world’s largest stingray species. Manta rays have a body diameter of up to 2-3 meters. There’s also a place where you can see jellyfish colonies, which are used as food for manta rays on a daily basis. The colony can be seen from under the boat or while snorkeling. Visitors should arrive before 12 o’clock in the morning to visit Manta Point. The sea current at Manta Point is strong enough that if you want to snorkel there, you should be physically and mentally prepared.

Taka Makassar is a great time to relax
It is not complete if you have not visited Taka Makassar when touring numerous specific islands. Since the island is coated with white sand, it has a unique landscape. Because of the deeper water flowing across the island at high tide, the island almost has no sand. The island can turn white with clear shallow water at low tide. Taka Makassar is also a popular spot for admiring the breathtaking views of the island.

Visitors can dive, snorkel, lay back, and relax on the white sand beach while taking in the atmosphere of the island. Boats with visitors swimming with manta rays can be seen in front of Taka Makassar. There are a variety of activities available on Komodo Island. Visitors are encouraged to continue to take responsible tours in order to ensure the park conservation’s long-term viability. Visitors are required to not litter, follow government rules, and not damage the coral reefs that surround the beach.


Explore Flores Island, a tropical paradise in the East. All of the stories of beauty begin somewhere. And every turn in Flores is a new adventure. Adventurers are invited to visit Flores on the Komodo Dreamland Tour. Flores is a choice of tourist attractions that should be on the top of the list alongside thousands of other interesting tourist attractions spread across the world for explorers and travelers.

It is no exaggeration to say that S.M Cabot named the island in the Sunda Kecil Island cluster alongside Bali and NTB Flores because of its beauty and natural peace. Flores is a Portuguese word that means “flower.” This island resembles a flower that does not need any makeup to be attractive.

Flores has developed himself as an integral part of the republic’s founding journey, in addition to the breathtaking scenery of the natural beauty of the soul. Sukarno was exiled by the Dutch Hindia Government for about four years, from January 14, 1934, to October 18, 1938, in Ende City.

KOMODO TOURS | Best Komodo Island Boat Tour

We list some beautiful spots in Labuan Bajo as part of our Komodo Tours Package Indonesia. These locations are for those who chose this tour package as a guide. Labuan Bajo is one of the super-premium tour destinations that the central government is now promoting. With Labuan Bajo’s new reputation as a super-premium tour destination, it will be complemented by the finest facilities ever seen in Indonesia.

It is strongly recommended that anyone who takes the Komodo Tour Package Indonesia take a flight to Labuan Bajo that arrives before 10 a.m. This is because virtually any travel agency selling a Komodo tour package would increase the departure time to 11 a.m. And don’t forget that every komodo tour given here ends at 12.30 PM, so you’ll need to catch a flight after 14.00 to get back to your home city.


Flores Tour Package Indonesia is a tour by car- drive through the land of Flores. In this tour kit, we will stay in a different location each night, so baggage will always be brought, even while traveling to Waerebo, where unneeded things can be placed in the vehicle. The Flores Tour Package Indonesia has a long distance to cover, so be prepared for decent physical fitness and stamina. Please wear a sweater because the majority of the places visited are cold. Waerebo has a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius. There could also be electricity (generator) and public restrooms in Waerebo.

Here are several places to visit in Flores, as well as the region they belong to, based on the best time and places to visit in Flores.

  • Waerebo is a traditional village in Waerebo
  • Bena Traditional Village in Bajawa
  • BlueStone Beach, Ende
  • Moni Kelimutu Lake, and
  • Maumere are all worth visiting.


Komodo Flores Tour Package – Indonesia is home to a plethora of natural wonders that awe visitors. The island of Flores and the Komodo National Park are two tourism attractions that are abundant in natural scenery. Flores is an Indonesian island administered by the province of East Nusa Tenggara.

We propose the 6 Days Flores Adventure Excursion, 7 Days Flores Adventure Tour, Flores Tour Package 9 Days, and Komodo Flores Tour 10 Days as Komodo Flores Tour Packages. Flores and Komodo islands are the focus of all travel packages. You will customize the kit to meet the own requirements. If you’re unsure, ask the experts and the Komodo Dreamland Tour, who made you visualize your dream.

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