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Best Komodo Island Boat Tour

Komodo Island Boat Tour is Indonesian best tour destination covering Komodo Tour, Komodo Island Tour, Komodo Boat Trip & Flores Tour. As one of the most recommended local travel agents on Flores and Komodo, Komodo Dreamland Tour has been dedicating his team in organizing Komodo Island Boat Tour as well as to be the priority in giving the best services for all the customers. After many years dedicating in tourism sectors, it is now come for Komodo Dreamland Tour to shares knowledge and experience for all the visitors. We are true experts when it comes to Komodo and Flores Island. We live, work and travel here. Our office is based in Labuan Bajo west part of Flores Island home to the Legendary Giant Lizard known as Komodo Varanus.

In general, Flores and Komodo Island Boat Tour (Komodo Boat Tour, Komodo Boat, Boat Tour Komodo, Komodo Boat Trip, Boat Trip Komodo) is the adventure tours to explore Flores and Komodo Island. Your wishes and desires are important to us as we make it our priority to listen to your ideas and suggestions when putting together a personalized itinerary for your dream journey. We will only recommend tours we have first-hand knowledge of. Our local travel experts don’t just live and work in Flores but have traveled the region extensively. We are on-site and keep track of the latest developments which we can subsequently incorporate into our itineraries. Komodo Dreamland Tour is small enough to care and provide you with personalized service but big enough to offer you competitive prices. Whether we were born here or made Komodo and Flores our home away from home, we at Komodo Dreamland are all united by the love and passion we share for the regions, its animals, landscapes, people and cultures. A love we long to share with you”. We are on TripAdvisor. See our review on our TripAdvisor.

Komodo Island Boat Tour (Komodo Boat Tour, Komodo Boat, Boat Tour Komodo, Komodo Boat Trip, Boat Trip Komodo) is the private boat tour for those who wants to explore Komodo National Park  on a Private Boat Trip. The boat that brings you to explore Komodo National Park has various specification, capacities and facilities, from standard to luxury (Open Deck/Non-Cabin Boat, Cabin Boat with AC, Cabin Boat Non-AC, Speedboat and Luxury Pinisi Wooden Boat). The most of the boat tours, we have been using for many times on our tours are Cabin Boat with the choice of AC Cabin Boat or Non-AC Cabin Boat. For your comfortable, flexibility, safety and privacy reasons, we do not recommend you to use non cabin boat. Simply just let us know what type of the boat that fits your needs, then we will quote based on your wishes.

Our Guided private Komodo Island Boat Tour (Komodo Boat Tour, Komodo Boat, Boat Tour Komodo, Komodo Boat Trip, Boat Trip Komodo) are also designed for you who prefer the flexibility of tour to Komodo Island independently. In this tour, there will be only you in the boat with your family or friend and our team (Guide and Boat crews). You will not share the boat with other travelers. Komodo Island Boat Tour (Komodo Boat Tour, Komodo Boat, Boat Tour Komodo, Komodo Boat Trip, Boat Trip Komodo) are varied and are ranging from one day to 4 days tour both overnight on the boat and daily tour. We are also arranging Komodo Island Shore Tours which is specially dedicated to the passengers from a cruise ship on Port of Call Komodo Island. On the other hand, Komodo Flores Tour Package is the combination of private land tours (Car Trip) and Komodo Island Boat Tour for those who want to explore both Flores and Komodo Island. Those tours are varied and are ranging from 3 days up to 12 days land and sea tours based on your wish.  In addition to the featured tours on our website, we design tailor-made tours to suit your requirements and budget. Whenever you have your own itinerary other than what we have been featuring on our website, kindly Contact our experienced consultants.

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About Komodo Dreamland Tour

Komodo Dreamland Tour is a local travel agent in Flores Island specialized in inbound and outbound arrangement. Our local Licence No is: 503/KPPTSP/712/SITU/IV/2016; Company Reg. No.:; Tax Reg. No.: 75.574.865.4-924.000. Our services cover multi packages such as Komodo Tour Packages, Flores Tour Packages, Flores and Komodo Tour Packages (combination) and some other services including Komodo Tour From Cruise Ship spanning all regions and more than 15 destinations in Flores and Komodo Island.

Komodo island Boat TourOur office is based in Labuan Bajo west part of Flores Island, the capital of West Manggarai Regency, home to the Giant Lizard known as Komodo Varanus, with a team of well-trained employees at young and dynamic age, managed by a high qualified and experienced official tour guide. Komodo Dreamland Tour has perfected itself and now becoming one of the best local operators in Labuan Bajo, Flores, and East Nusa Tenggara Province. Differ from many travel agents and local tour in Labuan Bajo, we do not expect you to just choose products out of a database yourself without any advice. Komodo Dreamland Tour provides you with the services of professional travel consultants who live and on-line 17/7 hours daily right here in Labuan Bajo. Our consultant will be able to assist you by making recommendations and giving you more background information to help you decide what you should do on your holiday. The amazing thing is that even though you get this great service, it does not cost you anymore! See our review on our TripAdvisor. We want to give you the best service and the best price!
Our services are delivered via our websites: https://komododreamland.com and https://floresdreamland.com

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to contact us anytime you require information about Flores and Komodo Island.

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