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KOMODO TOUR PACKAGE is one of the tours we offer other than the Flores Tour Package. This package may sometimes be a difficult thing to choose which option suits your desires. Many factors are the reasons for determining the best package for you or your family. Starting from the length of your stay in Komodo National Park, the price suits your budget, the boat types/conditions offered, and many more. Regarding this condition, We then provide the best holiday packages for those who want a vacation to Komodo Island. By offering you a competitive and affordable price, we are trying to make you as comfortable as possible choosing the Komodo Tour Package with us.

Komodo Tour Package that we offer are ranging from 1 to 4 days tour packages and could be the same as other companies offer in Labuan Bajo. However, we are sure that we could give you the most detailed information and best service we could to create a lifetime experience on your visit. There are several tour packages that we offer you which you may choose according to your needs.

All our Komodo Tour Packages are also designed for you who prefer the flexibility of tour to Komodo Island independently. On this tour, there will be only you in the boat and you will not share the boat with other travelers. These Tour Packages are both could be done from Bali and from Labuan Bajo. If you choose to start from Bali, then the first thing we need to know is your flight details for pick up and arrangement upon arrival at Komodo airport. Meanwhile, when you are going to start your tour from Labuan Bajo, your hotel address or hotel’s name is the first thing we need to know for a pickup and drop-off arrangement.

Please do not ever hesitate to ask us questions regarding your vacation plans to Komodo Island, we will be happy to help you by providing clear and detailed information on Komodo Tour Package before finally, you considering booking a tour with us.

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komodo island boat tour
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