Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination. The Government of Indonesia is committed to elevating Indonesia’s tourism sector in the Eyes of the World. One of them is by promoting Labuan Bajo as a super-premium tour destination that can be a mainstay of Indonesia. This area has interesting potential as a tourist area, either for local or foreign tourists. Can’t believe it? You can explore the natural beauty of Labuan Bajo which will definitely not disappoint.

Labuan Bajo super premium destination

Please note in advance, the purpose of the Labuan Bajo super-premium tour is related to the supporting facilities that are there. As there is an adequate airport with a longer runway, five-star hotels, to safety.

5 Labuan Bajo Attractions Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

The City of a Thousand Sunsets | Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

You can enjoy the beauty of sunset or sunset in Labuan Bajo with your partner. Even to enjoy it can be done anywhere, on hills, beaches, hotels, cafes or even on board. Because the position is facing directly towards the sunset, it is not surprising if it is called the city of a thousand sunsets. One of them is in Bukit Sylvia, you can enjoy the beauty of the Labuan Bajo sunset. A beautiful small archipelago with a hilly land is even more stunning. You will feel the coolness as if floating in the ocean. Make sure from the afternoon before sunset you have climbed this Bukit Sylvia.

See Komodo Dragon | Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

It is not a good idea when you travel to Labuan Bajo but have not seen komodo dragons directly in their habitat. Komodo National Park is a valuable asset owned by Indonesia. Komodo Island is the natural habitat of ancient animals can live. Komodo dragons resemble lizards with a much larger size, have their own attraction for tourists.

In Other Islands, there are also komodo dragons, one of which is Rinca Island for you to try to visit. There you will find meadows and palm trees. Even Komodo dragons living on Rinca Island number about 1500 more. Rinca Island is now designed as a geopark in which buildings are built on this island as part of a super-premium destination. The main purpose of this concept is to promote the economic well-being of people living around the region by developing their potential in a sustainable way.

The arrangement of Rinca Island includes information center buildings, souvenir centers, cafes, and public toilets. Then also built regional management offices, selfie spots, clinics, warehouses, public open spaces, lodgings for researchers, and tour guides (rangers). Trekking areas for pedestrians and visitors are designed to float or be elevated so as not to interfere with Komodo traffic. In addition, to improve the quality of the pier on Rinca Island built facilities and infrastructure for coastal security and Loh Buaya pier.

Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

There’s an Underwater Paradise | Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

Labuan Bajo Super Premium Tour is also recommended for snorkeling lovers. Don’t miss the moment to dive and enjoy Labuan Bajo’s beautiful underwater charm. Where can you try snorkeling? The author suggests visiting Sebayur Island. The marine biota is more diverse, even at some diving points offers different beauty and characteristics. There is also Manjerite Island in Komodo National Park to try snorkeling. One of the best snorkeling spots offers beautiful ornamental fish with enchanting coral reefs.

Padar Island, An Instragramable Spot | Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

In addition to Komodo dragons, on Padar Island, you can also find beautiful spots for taking pictures. Climb up to the summit, look at the surrounding nature both land and sea of Labuan Bajo, it’s so amazing!. Above the height, a variety of beautiful objects will be visible. The beauty of beaches, tourist boats, high seas can be the background of your photos. The more beautiful when taking pictures at sunset, curious to try it?.

Cultural Tour in Melo Village Labuan Bajo | Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination

This is also one not to be missed when visiting Labuan Bajo. You will get to know Indonesian culture by traveling to Kampung Melo. There is a dance called Caci Dance, a characteristic of Manggarai. The dance is played by the men of Kampung Melo who wear hats and carry syringes and whips. Melo Village is no less beautiful to make you feel more at home in Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo Super Premium Destination


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