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Labuan Bajo Tour and Travel Information. Doing a Labuan Bajo Tour is a dream holiday for everyone. There are complete tour packages available there, ranging from sea to land tour packages. Labuan Bajo is also an area that is included in the 5 super-priority tourist destinations (super premium destinations). This destination additionally has an endemic animal habitat area that is Komodo, precisely in Komodo National Park. Due to this fact, all tourists are trying to visit this beautiful area in East Nusa Tenggara.

Places are covered within the Labuan Bajo Tour and travel information.

See the sunset at Bukit Sylvia and Amelia

The first place to visit is Silvia Hill. Visitors can see the natural beauty of Labuan Bajo in the archipelago, with hilly land at one time. The trick is simply to climb the Love Hill. Up to the top of the hill, you’ll see the panorama of green hills. Having a look at the ocean, you’ll also see there are several hills that glance as though floating in the middle of the ocean. The best time to come to Bukit Sylvia and Amelia is definitely when the afternoon is nearing sunset. It’s the best time to see the golden sunset of Bukit Cinta.

Hikes in Kelor Island

Glad to see the sunset in Bukit Cinta, you’ll proceed with the tour the next day via crossing to Kelor island. This place offers natural beauty similar to Bukit Cinta and Amelia, where there are green grass hills within. You’ll discover and seize the natural wonderful thing about Labuan Bajo on this island via climbing each hill.

See komodo dragons on Komodo Island

The name of Komodo National Park is certainly familiar to the ears. If you go to Labuan Bajo, it’s not complete if you have not seen komodo dragons directly in their habitat. Komodo Island is the natural habitat of ancient Komodo dragons sheltered. This giant lizard-like animal is an enchantment for visitors.

See komodo dragons on Rinca Island

Not only on Komodo Island, you’ll be able to visit other islands that also have komodo dragons. Crossing to Rinca Island is one of the recommendations. If Komodo island offers a natural panorama in the form of shrubs, different nuances might be discovered on Rinca Island. Before you pass to Rinca Island you’ll see the grasslands and palm trees on the island. Not only that, there are more than 1,500 komodo dragons still inhabiting Rinca island.

Snorkeling in Manjerite Island

It is still around the Komodo National Park area, you’ll be able to see the beauty of Labuan Bajo, not the only land. The beauty of underwater nature is also a visitor attraction. You’ll visit Manjerite Island in TN Komodo for snorkeling. The waters under the island are one of the best spots for snorkeling. Gorgeous ornamental fish and a variety of coral reefs will also be noticed immediately below the ocean of this island.

Hunting Instagramable spots on Padar Island

Padar Island is also not only known for being the habitat of komodo dragons. However, it’s also known for having the best photography spots in Labuan Bajo. Up to the hill on Padar island, you’ll be able to see the natural landscape, both land, and sea of Labuan Bajo. From the top, all objects will also be noticed clearly and small such as boat tours, beaches, and hills. After all, the best time to take footage is at sunset. Most often, visitors with a passion for taking footage will come within the nighttime to get the best photograph angle right here.

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