About Manta Point Taka Makassar Komodo

A visit to Manta Point Taka Makassar Komodo Island is a spot where there are many manta rays. Precisely located in Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island. To visit it, visitors can take a wooden boat tour organized by any local tour operator. Many divers are looking forward to swimming with this fish. Komodo Island offers a very enchanting natural beauty. The scenery of land and underwater nature is also a prima donna for tourists. Because it is still beautiful and natural, a vacation here will bring peace and experience of its own. Just like visiting Manta Point Komodo.

Manta Point taka makassar komodo

Usually, to visit this attraction is through the services of a tour agent. So, the entrance fee is included and visitors do not have to pay anymore. To visit this attraction, it is best to come in the daytime, before lunch. And of course, it is not recommended to swim at night or when it is raining because dark conditions will interfere with visibility when diving or snorkeling. The expanse of the sea will greet visitors warmly.

Almost all eyes are on, there is only a vast ocean. The watercolor is bluish-green. Where on the beach is clearly visible the clear seabed. The visibility of the water is still very clear. Visitors can dive a few meters and still be able to see clearly. The water is so clear, that sunlight can penetrate the water.

Visit Manta Point Taka Makassar Komodo before Diving or Snorkeling

Taka Makassar is a very small island and is a white-sand island. Taka Makassar will look beautiful when the seawater is receding. Where the sand is soft white and surrounded by turquoise waters. Usually, visitors will be brought here before heading to Manta Point Komodo. The combination of white sand and clear sea water is so captivating. The color of the sand on this beach is so unique, some are white and some are pink. However, the pink sand here is not as much as it is in Pink Beach. Here, the sand is smooth and rough, and many corals die on it. The beach surrounding Takak Makassar is very shallow and tour boats cannot dock to its shores.

Taka Makassar is still in the tourist area of Komodo National Park. Where the location is right next to Komodo Island. Similar to Manta Point, to go to Taka Makassar, usually use a tour boat that has been arranged by a travel agent parked in the middle of the sea. Then take a small boat to visit Manta Point Taka Makassar Komodo.

The Thrill of Swimming With Manta Rays – Manta Point Taka Makassar Komodo

The location of Manta Point Komodo is not too far from Taka Makassar. From here, visitors can see black manta rays. Develop wings of a magnitude of up to three meters. Because the waters are still clear, visitors can even see it only from the surface. Some people only do snorkeling to get closer to stingrays. There are also those who dive underwater with stingrays. Certainly for those who are already good at diving.

Not only manta rays, but also the habitat of other marine animals. Like large turtles, colorful fish, even sometimes visitors can meet sharks. The pristine coral reefs are also a beautiful sight in themselves. Become the harmony of underwater natural beauty in Manta Point Komodo.

Manta Point-Taka Makassar Komodo Island.

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