Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons. Flores with Komodo Islands which turned into the natural habitat of historical Komodo dragons turns out to have changed into a favorite destination visited by travelers both at the home and abroad. Many people flock to this archipelago simply to see firsthand the habits of this extinct animal. In addition to its beauty that is known by the world for successfully conserving the identify “New 7 Wonders of Nature” lined with other stunning places worldwide.

Rinca Island - Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons

Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons

Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons

The island is also a part of a UNESCO world heritage site, as it belongs to the Komodo National Park area along with Komodo Island, Padar Island, and Gili Motang. Administratively, the island belongs to the komodo sub-district, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Provence.

However, did you know that not only on Komodo Island where you can find these ancient animals? Sure, on Rinca Island you’ll additionally see it. The island which is one part of this cluster of Komodo islands could also be the natural habitat of Komodo dragons with the second largest population after komodo island. Despite the fact that the area is smaller in comparison to Komodo Island, the komodo dragon population around the 1500s will likely be easier to find on Rinca Island in comparison to Komodo Island.

Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons

In fact, on Padar Island there used to be additionally a komodo dragon, however, the break-up of the food chain caused the ecosystem on the island to turn out to be undeveloped so finally the komodo dragon population was extinct. The location of Rinca Island itself is closer than Labuan Bajo when compared to Komodo Island, with the highest point of the island is in Doro (Mountain) Ora with an altitude of about 670 meters above sea level. Not only Komodo dragons, but on this island additionally live more than a few kinds of animals such as komodo dragons, wild pigs, buffaloes, snakes, and birds.

There’s a choice of trekking paths ranging from brief, medium to long trekking. Visitors are free to make a choice the path themselves, adapted to physical conditions for safety, and minimize risks within the field later. Alongside the trekking path, visitors will likely be accompanied by stunning surroundings within the form of hills and stretches of the blue sea. This hill shall be turned dry and yellow within the dry season whilst when it enters the wet season, this hill will turn green.

Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons

In between trekking trips, visitors will discover a hilltop that has an ordinary view of Rinca Island. The expanse of the blue sea blended with unique hills provides the wonderful thing about Rinca Island. It actually spoils the eyes of every visitor.

To get to Rinca island, visitors need to start the adventure from Labuan Bajo by using a chartered boat. Visitors can also reach travel agent services that provide KOMODO ISLAND BOAT TOUR PACKAGE from Labuan Bajo. The adventure to Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo is taken for two hours by the sea after all and docked at Loh Buaya pier on Rinca Island. From the guard post, visitors will be accompanied by rangers to discover and trace the komodo dragons on Rinca Island.

Rinca Island Tracing the Trail of Komodo dragons.

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