Terms and Conditions – Booking a tour is totally different from booking a Villa, Resorts or Hotels, particularly regarding the payment and cancellation. Please read carefully to accept these terms and conditions (as we all typically do!) but kindly please read carefully as your reference before considering book a tour with Komodo Dreamland Tour.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions

Your payment is nonrefundable by the following conditions:
-> Once your booking is 100% confirmed, this means that all components in the tour are confirmed, prepared, paid, and fixed for your tour.
-> If you canceled your booking for any reason, meanwhile you have done a down payment at least 15 days before the tour began, your payment is nonrefundable. This is done because we have paid the cancellation fees to all those components.
-> If you canceled your booking that has been fully 100% paid the total costin the last minutes and the tour has not been started yet, your payment is 20% refundable from the total cost.
-> Refunding all your paid payment is not an easy decision to take while you are still doing a tour (still on tour with us), We, therefore, will take any investigation to the cancellation reasons before finally, we consider whether we put a compensation or not.

Terms and Conditions

Use of Boat Tour – Boat Condition

All our bookings are designed and assumed to be for normal holiday purposes only, and you agree that the use of the boat will be limited not more than this purpose unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

The boat pictures we sent to you are the boat we will use for our tours. We could not change the boat at the last minute when you are reaching the boat and see the boat. This because all other boats have their own schedule for the tour. Therefore, your choice of the boat when we send the pictures to you is an important thing for us.

If there are any changes to the boat due to an unexpected technical mistake (engine collapse or engine in trouble, we (Komodo Dreamland Tour) will notify you to change to another boat as soon as possible, we do this for the safety during the tour.
If the boat engine is collapse or broken while you are on tour, we will try our best to soon change to another similar boat.

If you are planning to hold an event, such as a beach party which involved a larger number of people on the boat or if you are planning to use the Property for a purpose other than holiday, please communicate this to Komodo Dreamland Tour during correspondence, as special approval or arrangements may be required

Indonesian Domestic Airline | Terms and Conditions

Sometimes the cancellation may occur, delay, or irregularity of domestic flight schedule in Indonesia.
You are suggested to kindly please re-check, update or reconfirm your departure flight schedule at the local airline company where your ticket has been issued at least 24 hours before your flight.
Please kindly let us know if there is any change on your flight schedule to avoid the wrong arrangement of the transfer service done by Komodo Dreamland Tour.

If your flight canceled by the flight on the day you start the tour, and changes to the next day, (let’s say your tour is 3 days2 nights) there are some possibilities we will do:
We will reschedule the tour for the next day for 3 days(you still have one day more). The boat might be changed due to the boat has a fixed schedule for another tour. If the boat we have chosen still available, we will use the same boat.

We will reschedule the tour for 2 days only and we will use the same boat (you do not have time to do 3 days due to your flight schedule to return back. The tour price we quote to you then is only 2 days 1-night tour price.

Bank & Money Changer | Terms and Conditions

Money changers are limited to some regions only. Every single town on Flores has some local banks that provide ATM services. It is possible to do withdrawing some money by using an ATM debit card.
Most of the hotels, restaurants, mini markets are only possible to be paid in cash and only a few of them are accepting payment by credit card. Bear in mind that Indonesian local bank policy on every bank and ATMs are different and may occur on the limitation of withdrawing, please make sure you have enough cash prepared for the tour.

Age Restriction | Terms and Conditions

There is no age restriction for all our tours as long as you get the chance and as long as you are allowed to travel by your country and the airport where you get a boarding pass.

Travel Insurance | Terms and Conditions

You are highly recommended to kindly take and bring any of your own travel insurances with you before and during your traveling to our region.

Weather Condition – Changing or Skip the Itinerary

Weather condition is something unpredictable and is a natural phenomenon. For a safety reason, changing or skip the itinerary whilst on the tour may sometimes occur due to an issue of natural disaster, fire, sickness, bad weather conditions announced and warned by port or weather forecast (storm, rain, rough sea, strong current), action at an airport or port by any government or public authority, technical problems relating to transport and airport regulations, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, plumbing or other problems or difficulties that make it unsafe or unusable, or any other circumstances which amount to ‘force Majeure or Acts of God, or other events beyond our control.

Main Port/Harbor of Labuan Bajo

The main port of Labuan Bajo is the starting point where all the boat tour is started. Doing a clearance before starting the tour is a MUST for all the boat tours. It sometimes can be a very complicated thing to understand the port clearance because sometimes the clearance takes up to 1 hour and more to complete the clearance, this will make our tour late for 1 or 2 hours.

Limitation & Responsibility, Valuables & Security | Terms and Conditions

We will do our best as we could to make you happy and satisfied during your tour with us. We, therefore, act as a local travel agent and tour operator that organizing all your tours as you requested. Komodo Dreamland Tour is not totally relying much on any loss, delay, cancel or irregularities of flight schedule, accidents, natural disaster (bad weather, landslide, storm), political actions sustained by any person, including death which are out of our control.

For the safety of all your valuable belongings, please always put your valuable belonging into the safest place you have in your Cabin. Your entire luggage should be in your cabin. When you leave the boat for snorkeling/trekking, please put your devices (camera, go-pro, iPhone) and other devices in your cabin. Please always close the door when you are leaving the boat.

When your boat is docking at the jetty of an island for snorkeling or trekking, your boat will stay close to other boats, so please make sure you put all your belongings in your cabin and never leave them in the public space on the boat. Komodo Dreamland Tour will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings. Any act or omission by the boat passengers which may negate or prejudice the boat insurance policy and/or results in any loss or damage is your responsibility.

Complaints and Irregularities | Terms and Conditions

Every attempt is made for you to have a happy, satisfied, and enjoyable during the tour.
If you have a problem during the tour, please kindly inform one of our representatives on the spot immediately who will endeavor to put things right.
Should our representative on the spot not address your problem satisfactorily, please contact Komodo Dreamland Tour promptly.

In order for your complaint to be addressed, you must communicate any problem while you are on the spot. If no complaint is reported during the tour, Komodo Dreamland Tour will assume that the tour was to your satisfaction and no complaint will be entertained.

We have our right to refuse to take any action on perceived irregularities submitted to Komodo Dreamland Tour 24 hours after finishing the tour and you have returned back home.
Terms and Conditions

Sincerely yours,
Komodo Dreamland Tour

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