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Our Boat Tours in Komodo Island are our designed tours by boat as for you who prefer the flexibility of a trip independently. On this tour, there will be only you in the boat with your family or friends and our team (Guide and Boat crews). You will not share the boat with other travelers. Boat Tours Komodo are varied and are ranging from one day to 4 days both live on board and daily trip. We are also arranging Komodo Island Shore Excursions from Cruise Port which is especially dedicated to the passengers from a cruise ship on Port of Call Komodo Island.

Private Boat Tour Types

There are actually 5 types of the boat tours we use on all tours. Fast boat/speedboat, standard boat, superior boat, de luxe boat and luxury boat. The most boat tours we use on our tours are Fast boat, Standard boat, superior boat, and de luxe boat. All the below boat photos we feature on our site are our private boat tours.

fast Boat tour - Komodo Island Boat Tour - Komodo Dreamland Tour
STANDARD BOAT TOUR - komodo island boat tour - komodo dreamland tour
superior boat tour - komodo island boat tour - komodo dreamland tour
de luxe boat - komodo island boat tour - komodo dreamland tour

Fats boat/Speedboat

Fast boat/speedboat is a private boat type we use on our Day Tours to Komodo (Komodo Boat Trip 1 Day). We use this boat because it is the best choice for those who want to visit Komodo National Park in a very short time. We also use fast boat tour on our combination tours (Boat Tours and Land Tours) with the choice of 1 day tour to Komodo island.

Standard boat

Standard boat tour is a private boat we most use on our multi day tours. The tour using this boat type is a budget tour because the price is reasonable. If you are sailing on a budget tour, your boat is then a standard local wooden boat (nor a superior boat or luxury boat) that we have been using for our tours and it has enough cabins to sleep (single and double bunked bed) so please do not expect a superior, de luxe or luxury boat tour. The bed in the boat is bunked bed and can be for 2 people (double size).

The cabin on a standard boat is 2 cabin and maximum 3 cabins available. This cabin is completed with an air conditioner. For all the standard boat tours, the bathrooms are separated and are shared with other cabins on the boat. Meals provided on the boat (Indonesian home-style food and vegan food (on request), mineral waters, coffee, tea, milk, and snack every afternoon of the day. Bear in mind that the shower and seat toilet is simple and basic but at least it is enough to have a shower. So, please do not expect a shower like in the hotel. The paper is provided in the bathroom. Hot water shower is not available on standard boat.

Superior boat

Superior boat tour on our tours are are bigger than a standard boat. The superior boat has 2 designs, private bathrooms on each room and separate bathroom design. Private bathrooms on each room sometimes subject to availability. Hot water shower is almost not available on superior boat tours

De luxe boat

De luxe boat is similar with luxury boat (biggest of all the boat type). At a glance, the design between De luxe boat and luxury boat are the same but they have similar facilities too (hot water shower). All de luxe boat have private cabin on each room.

Message: More details on the standard boat, superior and deluxe boat will be informed via correspondence.

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