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Some travel important info you might need to consider before starting your travel to Flores island.

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Visa requirementsTravel Important Info

Visa requirements are relying on the duration of your stay as well as based on the regulation of your nation. Indonesia’s visa requirements are liable to alternate. Therefore, it is important to check the Indonesian embassy before you come. If you wish to prolong your visa in Flores, you’ll need to visit the immigration administrative center which is located in Labuan Bajo or Maumere.

Money – Travel Important Info

It is only Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is accepted for cash payments in Flores and it is hoped that cash payment will be accepted after Labuan Bajo is becoming a super premium destination. Money changers are limited to some regions only. Every single town on Flores has some local banks that provide ATM services. It is possible to do withdrawing some money by using an ATM debit card.

Most of the hotels, restaurants, mini markets are only possible to be paid in cash and only a few of them are accepting payment by credit card. Bear in mind that Indonesian local bank policy on every bank and ATMs are different and may occur on the limitation of withdrawing, please make sure you have enough cash prepared for the tour.

Shopping Around- Travel Important Info

You will find many local markets ranging from small to large. In this place, you will see the results of local products sold by the people such as agricultural products, seafood, farms, and other products that can be seen in this place. While in the big city, it can be found small shops selling clothes, home appliances, and agricultural equipment.

A variety of familiar or unfamiliar local products will be found here. You can also see how Flores people still do the traditional way of doing business, namely barter transactions. If you want to witness a complete culinary and cultural experience at the local market, you are encouraged to get up early. All Floresnese products, weaving are sold in various motifs, colors, local styles, and are clearly the most valuable, and unique souvenirs.

Weaving is mostly done manually by hand, and some fabrics are made from natural local materials – from cotton to dyeing.

Dos and Donts – Travel Important Info

While visiting Flores, you will notice many cultural differences, also in matters of behavior. Visitors who respect the local customs and traditions will find heartwarming hospitality from their Indonesian hosts and get an unforgettable travel experience. It is therefore an advantage if you consider some basic cultural dos and don’ts for Flores. With respect to local customs and traditions, you will find the heartwarming hospitality of their hosts and have an unforgettable travel experience.

Several things you need to consider regarding your attitude when visiting Flores:

Dress appropriately and politely!

For female visitors, it is highly recommended to dress more modestly such as closed sleeves and rather long pants especially when you visit the village and the location or cultural tools.

Smile and Be Friendly!

Perhaps the most important thing is to smile. A smile is a sign of hospitality. If you do not return a smile from the citizens, you may have difficulty interacting with the citizens because the citizens will feel afraid. The use of your left hand should not be used first when interacting or doing any activity!


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