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Wae Rebo Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Wae Rebo Tour is a tour to an old Manggaraian village, situated in pleasant and isolated mountain scenery. The village offers visitors a unique opportunity to see authentic Manggarai housing and to experience the everyday life of the local community. In the village of Wae Rebo, visitors can see mbaru niang – traditional, circular cone-shaped houses with very unique architecture.

Wae Rebo Tour Itinerary:

DAY 1: Labuan Bajo – Denge Village for overnight

  • Wae Rebo Tour start by picking you up by our agency at your hotel or at the airport upon arrival and directly driving to Denge Village
  • Stop will be made at Melo Village to see the panorama of Labuan Bajo and around25 minutes from Labuan Bajo
  • Continue driving to Lembor Village to see the widest flat rice field and having lunch at Lembor Village
  • Some Stops on the way to Dintor Village while taking picture (You will meet your 2 friends on the way before reaching the branch road to Wae rebo Village)
  • Arive at Dintor Village and directly checking in at the hotel
  • Dinner will be served at the hotel in Dintor
  • First day of Wae Rebo Tour has just finished.

DAY 2: Early treking to Wae Rebo Village – walking around Wae Rebo Village – leaving Wae Rebo Village – trekking down to denge village – lunch at denge village – drive to cancar spider web rice field – drive to labuan bajo

  • Start second day of Wae Rebo Tour by Early trekking to Wae Rebo Village about 8 kilo meters while listen to the natural sounds of birds along the rain forest (2,5-3 hours depends on the stamina)
  • Welcome ceremony at the village, a Wae Lu’u (as a respect towards the previous anchestor (in the form of donation) will be handled by our agency (you are part of Wae Rebo). After welcoming ceremony is finish, you are the part of the village no matter where are you coming from, then time to explore Wae Rebo Village (please do not take any picture when entering the main gate of the village, you may take the pictures after finishing welcome ceremony) you can do and follow the daily traditional activities of the local people and may visit one of the houses there to know more the real life of the local people. In the afternoon, you may have a shower located 5 minutes from the village area (it is local style shower made of bamboo in which the water is at the spring, it is very cold.
  • Dinner on Wae Rebo Tour will be served in traditional way (sit on the traditional mat made of pandan leaf, the meals are in the midle and you will sit in a circle.
  • The after dinner, you may relax in front of or in the middle of the village yard while waiting for the bed time (please wear a jacket due to it is very cold)
  • Time to sleep, hope you will get a nice dream and wake up for a new lovely day . You will hear no more music or any sounds of the crowded but the sounds from the animals (not wild animal like tiger, elephant, rhinoceros and dinosaur)
  • There will be no television or radio there but the only electronic devices are your mobile phone and camera set.
  • Second day of Wae Rebo Tour has just finished

DAY 3: Leaving Wae Rebo Village for Denge Village – Visit Cancar Village for Spderweb rice field – Labuan Bajo

  • today is the last day of Wae Rebo Tour
  • Wake up earlier if you want to see the sunrise and first dew fall
  • Brekfast in the Village of Wae Rebo
  • Exploring a while and have some pictures
  • Time to say good bye to the local people. Trekking down again to Dintor Village.
  • Lunch will be served at Denge Village.
  • Driving to Cancar Village to see the spiderweb reice field (2,5 – 3 hours drive)
  • Enjoy the view of the spiderweb rice field from the top of the village (trekking for 5 minutes to the top)
  • Driving to Labuan Bajo and drop you to your hotel.
  • Arrive in Labuan Bajo in the evening and and directly checking in your selected hotel
  • Wae Rebo Tour is end

Wae Rebo Tour Includes » Excludes » What To Bring

Price Includes:

Lunch DAY 1 Lembor Village
Dinner DAY 1 at Hotel in Denge Village
Accommodation in Denge Village DAY 1
Donation at Wae Rebo Village DAY 2
Motor Bike from Car Park Area to the POST 1 on DAY 2
Dinner at Wae Rebo Village DAY 2
Accommodation in Wae Rebo Village DAY 2
Motor Bike from the POST 1 to the Car Park Area DAY 3
Lunch in Denge Village DAY 3 (at your previous hotel)
Entrance Fee Spiderweb Rice Field

Price does not include:
Return flight tiket
Hotel in Labuan Bajo DAY 3
Alcoholic drink/soft drink
Personal expenditure

What to Bring during the Tour:
Camera plus extra batteray, Hat, hand glove, towel, suitable shoes/trekking shoes, sweater, Mosquitos repellent, Vitamin or other needs. (you will charge your devices power at Wae Rebo Village)

Please do contact us to get the best price offer on Wae Rebo Tour.